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Loggerhead Club Fittings

At Loggerhead, our passion is to give each customer a first-class club-fitting experience.  A quality club-fitting is key for golfers at any skill level to gain significant advancements in ball striking, distance, and accuracy - resulting in a greater level of enjoyment on the course.  We continue to invest in the best tech and train and equip our staff to be ready to give you the best fitting service available. Our newly installed indoor Flight Scope X3  and our Full-Swing Golf Simulator gives everyday golfers access to the same technology of the Tour Professionals.  We are also one of the only places in the Carolina region to offer putter fittings and swing analysis with SAM PuttLab

Why should I invest in an expert club fitting?

Driver, irons, wedges and putters, watch this video to learn more about why you should get fitted for golf clubs:

Wilmington's Best Indoor Golf Simulators

Whether you’re looking to improve your game, enjoy a solo round of golf or a full fledged tournament with friends, our state-of-the-art simulators give you a true golf experience, no matter the weather!

Featured on-air as the exclusive simulator of Golf Channel, our Full Swing golf simulator features the most accurate camera-based system on the market and a chance to virtually play the most iconic courses across the globe. Endorsed by Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth, you can even leverage the technology to demo any club we have before you decide to buy.

Golf Pros like Bryson DeChambeau trust the unmatched accuracy of FlightScope X3, and you can leverage this same experience right here in Wilmington! The patented golf simulator technology combines 3D tracking radar and image processing and includes 50+ full swing, chipping, pitching, and putting data parameters. The FlightScope Environmental Optimizer even allows you to configure the impact of altitude, humidity, wind speed, air temperature, wind direction and relative landing height.

SAM Putt Lab

The world's most accurate and comprehensive putt analysis and training system is right here in Wilmington! With the Science & Motion, or SAM PuttLab, we’re able to analyze critical parameters of your putting stroke to generate highly-accurate reports that objectively evaluate your performance. Ready to intuitively improve your game?

Loggerhead Custom Shop

Swing like a pro with your very own custom-crafted golf clubs. With decades of experience, our team of expert club-builders work with each customer to craft the perfect clubs to fit your game. Our expert club-builders has the knowledge and expertise to work with everything from classic clubs to the latest and greatest in club tech.  Entrusting your clubs to our team of experienced craftsmen will give you the confidence that they were built with top-level quality and care… They were built the Loggerhead Way!  Need to repair, rebuild, re-shaft, or re-grip your clubs?

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