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Here's the Custom Shop custom build process...

Here's the custom shop build process...

Here's the custom build process...

Once you have scheduled your club-fitting session, please take this opportunity to fill out our online questionnaire. In doing so, your certified fitter can gain a better understanding of your current game and your goals for your fitting.

A blue flag with white turtles on it.

So, you have completed your club fitting…

Now it’s time to get ready for your future club-build creation. Based on the club- fitter’s recommendations and your selection, all components to include ferrules will be ordered and arrive at our facility.

A blue flag with a number on it

Custom club-build components have arrived

Our master club-builders will review the spec sheet before the build begins. We want to ensure proper length, loft, lie, swing weight and grip size are achieved to your specification.

A blue flag with the number 3 on it.

Here’s where the magic happens.

We are ready to build, and we want you to know normal completion time is 24hrs. The process for completion may include shaft tipping, shaft cutting, weight added if necessary. This will be based on club-head weight, shaft weight and length, and grip selection.

There's just a few more steps ...

There's just a few more steps ...

There's just a few more steps ...

A blue flag with the number four on it.
A blue flag with the number four on it.
A blue board with white drawings on it

Master Builders are on ready

the parts are all laid out in preparation for the build

Now the club is ready to be assembled.

Club epoxy is measured and weighed before adding the ferrules and club head to the shaft. Once the epoxy cure overnight the ferrules are turned, the ordered club re-measured, and the grip is installed.

A blue flag with the number five on it.
A blue flag with the number five on it.
A close up of the logo on a golf ball.

The Build is complete

your master-builder will add the final touches

The entire set is spec checked before leaving our shop.

Spit shined, and a once over…our custom builders or pro-shop associates will call you to announce pick up for the new arrivals. Delivering you the best product for your unique swing and helping you love your game is our goal!

To get an idea of what our master club builders create visit our YouTube Channel to see our build videos. You can also check out our custom build library for more examples.